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.1915Andrews, Burbridge and Bastedo, Called to the Bar of Manitoba, 1919, Practised general law with Andrews firm as member until 1924, when he went to Montreal, Que., and assumed various executive offices as enumerated. Vice-President, Distilles Corporation-Seagrams Ltd., Montreal, Que.

Vice-president, Calvert Distillers Ltd., Amherstberg, Ont.

Director Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Ltd. Waterloo, Ont.

Director Royalite Oil Co., Ltd. Vice-President, Seco Investments, Ltd. President, Jewish Orphanage and Children's Aid of Western Canada, Winnipeg, .1921Manitoba, .1922Member Winnipeg Budget Board, Member of Execuxtive Committee Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, Montreal, Que. 1925, Vice-Chairman 1927, Chair.1928-31man In the fall of 1929, headed Campaign to raise funds for the new Jewish Hospital. Subscriptions obtained being more than double original objective, reaching the sum of $ 1,600,000. Member Unemployment Advisory Board, administering direct relief funds provided by Dominion and Provincial Governments and City of Montreal.

Member, Canadian General Council of the Boy Scouts' Association. President, Jewish General Hospital .1933since Member, Board of Trustees, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies.

Honorary Vice-President of Canadian Jewish Congress. Member, Dominion Council, Member National Council Canadian Jewish Zionist Organization of Canada.

Chairman, Patriotic Committee, Canadian Jewish Congress. Member, National Executive United Jewish Refugee and War Relief Agencies, in 1941 headed first Combined Jewish Appeal Compaign, representing United Fund Raising efforts for leading Welfare Agencies.

Director: Les Concerts Symphoniques Montreal Opera Guild.

Conferred the title of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by the French Govern.1949ment in Hebrew University of Jerusalem: National Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

On 28.4.1960 - Laying of the Cornerstone of the Allan Bronfman Family Agricultural School for Hill forming at AinKerem, Jerusalem.

Clubs : Montefiore, Elm Ridge Golf and Country Club, Royal Automobile Club. Societies : I. O. B. B. Lodge of the Covenant, Pi lambda Phi Fraternity, Alumni )McGill(.

הרי ברונפמן

מהתורמים החשובים לקרנות מדינת ישראל. השקיע כספים במפעלים שונים בישראל.

Mr Harry Bronfman was born at Na.1886 ,7povda )Russia( April Son of Ekiel )Yekhiel( Bronfman. Mother: Minnie )Haya Mindel( daughter of Haim Elman.

Wife: Ann )Hinde( daughter of Gallaman.

Children: 1. The late Allan )Israel Bronfman )His children - Marian Ruth, Arvin Mitchell, Beverley; 2. Gerald Bronfman - see his biography in this book )His children - Joan Eileen, Corinne Marcia, Judith Lynn, Jeffrey Mark(; 3. Rona, married to Irving Levitt )Their children - Marilyn Patricia, Allan Charles(.

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